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Blockchain is one of the most trending and revolutionary technologies of our time. Each passing year, it seems that we are discovering some new use cases for blockchain technology and Paysenger is lead the space, knowing that communication is the best way to connect with people personally. Paysenger is offering to bridge the gap between experts or media personalities and fans through the EGO token. The EGO token acts as an internal payment instrument. In addition, the token liquidity is secured by a mass audience who wish to pay for communication with experts or idols and influencers who want to reach out to more listeners.

Experts or Influencers can use Paysenger platform to earn money from their content and communicate with the audience on a new level, making the platform an ideal social network for the new generation. On the other hand, the audience can directly contact their favorite influencer, tokenise responses from their idols and earn on paid surveys from brands.


The goal of Paysenger is to transform the blockchain by making the technology more accessible to a large audience..
Currently, Paysenger has a partnership with the conference body to co-host one of the biggest Crypto gatherings this year. This highly anticipated event is expected to include some of the top influencers in the crypto space.

Paysenger has promises to brings back the importance of communication in this day and age, thereby making human attention a valuable resource once again. Paysenger will therefore reward users for this attention and bring the best offers to the table in a timely and effective manner.
Otherwise, Paysenger and the EGO token aim to simplify the very concept of blockchain and make it readily more accessible to a more mainstream and larger audience.


  1. Filter the noise and talk only to those who matter the most. The current social networks allows anyone to spam you regardless of who they are and what they want. But Paysenger filter and ensures that the people that try to initiate contact with you are those that really mean business. Because people will be pay for each direct message, social request, or video call, they will truly value your time and attention.
  2. FAIR INCOME DISTRIBUTION. Big tech Social media companies have been holding strong monopolies on internet content monetization tools. Because of the low rates and poor service, most creators were forced to deal with sponsors and promoters to earns money The current creator’s economy favors the top 1% creators, the ones that have been able to establish close ties with the big social media companies. Paysenger has changed this narrative by not only rewarding the top content creators for producing viral content, but it also distributes the income to those that came up with the idea.
  3. INCENTIVIZING COLLABORATION BETWEEN IDEA-MAKERS, CREATORS , AND FANS. Unlike big tech platforms where the mind set of content creators are focused on pleasing the algorithm and the fate of their content depends on their social media skill rather than the quality of their content. Paysenger introduced incentivize collaboration between idea-makers, creators, and fans into its platform that allows creators to focus on their creativity and produce content that is highly demanded by the fans. Meanwhile, idea-makers sponsor creators and bring their ideas to life. The top-performing content pays all three — the idea-makers for coming up with the ideas, creators for their expertise and creativity, and fans for their participation.

Paysenger has open the channel for a direct, trustworthy and mutually profitable communication between experts, scientists, influencers and mainstream audience.


Paysenger is the next level communication platform that allows users to monetise their influence. The internet is filled with lots of content, and it is challenging to keep the attention of audiences who are easily distracted. Now brands and influencers can attract attention to their messages or call by paying for the recipient’s attention with a fiat or EGO token.

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