All you need to know about Thinkium Dual-Coin Ecosystem


Dual-coin is the term used in blockchain network that offer two different types of tokens. It’s a project with two tokens, one of which is used for utility inside the network and the other one as security to raise funds for the project.

Why Dual-coin ecosystem is the best decision?

  • The idea is to avoid compliance issues with regulators and divide the project’s ecosystem into two tokens for better usability. Typically, one of the two tokens is used as security to raise investment for the project. The token does this by strictly following the regulations outlined for conventional securities, like bonds or stocks. The other token is used on the network to fulfill certain roles or activities.
  • Many countries Securities and Exchange Commission aspects has not clearly classified crypto assets, unlike securities, stocks, or bonds which have a clear standing in the SEC framework.

How Does Thinkium Dual-Coin Ecosystem Work

Thinkium supports the establishment of an independent industry ecology for subchains. Each subchain (and the chain tree based on it) can carry a second token besides the base token, which can be used for business applications and market circulation within the subchain system. The second token is fundamentally different from Ethereum’s ERC20 in two ways

  1. The token is not a data record in the ERC20 contract, but is recorded in each account, which can only be controlled by the private key of the account.
  2. Since Thinkium allows multiple chains with related businesses to be organized in a tree-structure, all the chains in the tree structure can inherit the settings of the second generation tokens made by the root chain.

Such property allows the second generation tokens to be transferred among the chains with related businesses through cross-chain transactions, which fundamentally solves the cross-chain problem caused by the intrinsic characteristics of ERC20 contract of ERC20 contract.

The advantages of Thinkium Dual-coin ecosystem

However, the Framework for Investment Contract Analysis of Digital Assets, has provided a way for blockchain projects to register their tokens as a security and set certain conditions for them to work in compliance with the regulations.

This has made Thinkium tokens to offer real-world utility and profit to its holders, and the project is completely decentralized.

Thinkium Chain offers more incentives to token holders and potential investors than other projects in the industry. With two tokens, Thinkium project can offer a better incentive structure, features, upgrades, and functionalities to the end-users.

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#mediainfluencer #cryptocurrencypromoter #brandambassador #graphicdesigner #blockchainenthusiast #onlinemarketer

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