Thinkium's distributed business ecosystem is a business ecosystem based on the Thinkium blockchain infrastructure. It is an important window for the blockchain to link people and the physical world, including on chain native business and off chain business.

All user subjects, data, and assets participating in the business ecosystem are recorded on the underlying public chain. Each user subject is an account on the chain, which can be a person, a machine, or a virtual subject. Combined with Thinkium data authorization and protection system, the data belongs to users and becomes an important personal asset. Based on Thinkium’s underlying infrastructure, data interaction between cross chain and cross application can be achieved, avoiding traditional "data islands" between different business ecosystems in internet commerce and generate more and greater business value.


How will pencils that meet the individual needs of each student operate in a distributed business ecosystem?

  1. In the business Scenario: Pencils are daily consumables for students. Every student expects to buy pencils that meet their personal preferences and often change their needs.

Thinkium has done a lot of research, exploration, and practice from multiple fields, and is committed to providing the underlying technology infrastructure while empowering the entire business ecosystem, supporting distributed e-commerce, distributed finance, distributed production collaboration,and distributed large scale commercial applications such as organizations and distributed virtual economies have been implemented. Users participating in the business ecosystem include; developers, consumers, manufacturers, suppliers, brand owners, financial organizations, and regulatory agencies. Participate in equal and free business activities under certain business rules, exert their respective contributions and talents, and benefit from them.

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#mediainfluencer #cryptocurrencypromoter #brandambassador #graphicdesigner #blockchainenthusiast #onlinemarketer