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Freedom of expression and resistance to censorship. In traditional social networks, the entities are the ones that establish the rules of participation of the users. They can modify or delete the content created by users in their platforms.

But does that mean we’ve lost the battle for free speech? No, not at all. Our current social media may look too centralized and easy to control. Still, the good news is that blockchain technology and Solcial a decentralized social network give us all the reasons to believe that the revolution of social media is just starting.
In this article, we will talk about how Solcial a decentralized social network has broke the monopolies of social platforms.

The Problems associated with the traditional social networks

Besides the censorship, biased algorithms, and lack of transparency – one of the biggest problems with traditional social media platforms is that users have very little control over their data security. In one of the latest Facebook data leaks, 533 million users had their phone numbers and email addresses exposed to hackers. What’s more, user data is used to create algorithms that can influence elections, referendums, and other important life decisions – like in the “Cambridge Analytica” scandal.

The root of this problem lies in the current design of social media platforms, which store our personal data on their servers. As a result, together with the exposure to censorship, they have a single-point-of-failure built into their structure.

The current social media platforms have a monopoly. They might deny this claim, but the facts are obvious, they have tried to copy every trend and destroy all competition. But what has our world gained by having only a few monopolistic social media powers? For one, they have gained a lot. Social media giants have gained monetary power, privacy power, and power over speech

The current business model for major social media platforms is simple; let others do the work and then earn a profit off of it. Now is the time we stand up for ourselves and bring change to the social media industry.

Now Solcial has broke their monopolies

With Solcial a crypto-based social network you banking the unbanked, giving opportunities in countries that were previously without hope, and now we can change the lives of creators and social media users. This is what Solcial a decentralized social network is all about. Taking the power away from the monopolies and giving it to the individuals

Solcial has change who control social media platforms, and also remove from power from few big tech companies that have been monopolising the social media space for the two decades and put YOU the user in charge. Using the power of web3 technology.


Big tech companies like Facebook Google Twitter have proven to be a tremendous societal menace, and Solcial is being developed to counter them. There are many benefits in Solcial network, including more privacy and security, freedom of usage, control, and less economic impact. You will discover more with the increased use of decentralized social platforms.


Solcial is a permissionless social network that gives users the power of decentralisation by allowing people to interact with each other without fear of censorship, and allowing content creators to be rewarded fairly at market value.

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